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Mehr's Corner: Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

[Welcome to Mehr's Corner on the Luna blog. Mehr is a fourteen year old who loves to read. She has been a frequent visitor to Luna ever since we opened two years ago and we always love to see her. Mehr is interning at Luna during her summer break and is helping us with a bunch of things around the bookshop, including writing about books (like the one below) that she has read and would recommend to young readers. She enjoys an eclectic range of books - some of her favourite authors are Neil Gaiman, Ann Patchett, Ray Bradbury, Madeline Miller, David Grann, Ashley Schumacher, and JRR Tolkien.]

Here is Mehr's note on Crenshaw, a heart-warming story about friendship from Newbery Medal-winner Katherine Applegate.

Most of us sadly seem to outgrow our imaginary friends at age five or six, but what if they came back? Are they all somewhere out there: the cats, unicorns, astronauts and wizards that have kept us company, just waiting until we need them again? An imaginary friend can do anything, be anyone you want them to be, and will never let you down. Imaginary friends have been imagined and forgotten and remembered again when we need them.  

Jackson was a boy to whom the truth was especially important, which is why he liked facts and wanted to be a scientist. In other words he was probably the least likely fifth grader to have an imaginary friend.

The first time Crenshaw came to him was many years ago when Jackson's family was homeless and lived in their minivan. Crenshaw was his imaginary friend - a large black and white talking cat who kept him company. Eventually, like most of us, Jackson forgot about him. Now, many years later, when Jackson’s family's apartment was being cleared, and their possessions sold, and it looked like they would lose their home again, Crenshaw revisits him. Jackson is afraid that he is probably the only ten-year-old with an imaginary friend - he tries to ignore Crenshaw as long as possible, even though Crenshaw keeps following him. But after talking it over with his friend, Jackson decides to enjoy the magic while it lasts. Crenshaw always came back when Jackson needed him most, like right now, when things were (financially) going downhill again. And Jackson realises that even though life is not always fair, it helps to have an old friend, no matter how old Jackson was, or the fact that Crenshaw was invisible to all but him. 


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